Saturday, July 31, 2010


Time does fly by. New classes have started up... I hope I do good! My A&P 2 class looks like a pain, but I think I will do good in in. My other class, software applications looks fun. I know a lot about computers allready, so yay. I wish all my readers the best, even though I dont know you. :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The dull knife and a ton of blood

Hello readers. The first thing I would tell someone writing not just a scientific paper but any type of paper for school is to start it early and read it out loud many times. Even though I started mine early and used all the resources that were available to me, I still got hammered. I'm surprised my A & P paper did better! In these 10 weeks, I think my cite/ reference skills strengthened the most. I think I finally got the hang of it. I do think I still need to work on my wording. The big problem is that my vocabulary is not where it should be due to my lack of reading.

I really don't have any finial thoughts. I do wish my grade was a bit higher but I will take it as another learning experience. I did have fun in this class, from start to week nine! Week 10, not so much because of the grade. I take all of it in stride though, what else can I do? Although this is my last post for school I do plan to update my blog every now and then. Like I said, once a week. As for the title of this post… I have no idea myself lol.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A few more years

Hello readers. Well, it has been a great nine weeks in my Comp II class. I have not made any changes in anything because I have the same schedule for every class, but I have had one challenge so far in these past weeks. Having two 6+ page projects due at the same time is NOT fun. However I did plan how I was going to get through it, and so far it’s going great. In week 8 I started the paper for my Comp II class and this week I started the paper for my A & P class. I only have to add the abstract to my Comp II class then I am done. My A & P class I have about two more pages, so I am on the right track.

I hope to keep in touch with some of my classmates and my professors; they were so amusing this semester. I learned so much from my classmates, and it is a bit sad to not see them again. The seminars were so fun this semester also. First time both classes noticed that the classes were mostly women. Even though women, well talk about women stuff and make jokes about men... I still had fun. I do hope a few classmates will read my blog and leave a post once in a while. I do plan to update it at least once a week.

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Holy Knight

Hello readers.

Throughout this process I have never had any issues; I take one day at a time to prevent this from happening. I honestly don’t mind the lack of comments. I have a facebook and twitter and I don’t get comments from my posts that often so I really don’t mind. It would be great if I did though because I do live alone so comments would keep me at least a little busier. I might continue to use my blog after I’m done with this class. I like to keep in touch with my professors and classmates.

On another note, this weather in Philadelphia is crazy! One week it’s in the late 90’s now it’s in the mid-early 80’s. Next week will be another heat wave. When I am done all my homework for the day I get so bored at home. I do play my ps3 a bit but that can only help me for so long. Before school I played a game called World of Warcraft for hours, and some days I played it all day. I do miss it sometimes. Being a holy knight (paladin) with his trusty steed and creating havoc in the Horde cities was so much fun. I guess we all have to grow out of things sometimes in our lives in order to make them better.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jump for joy

Hello readers. When I got my essay back from my professor today I had plenty of " ah, ha" moments. She said I had to read my paper out before I submit it... or somewhere along those lines. She must be a mind reader because I don't read my paper out load. I think because I hate to write. Nothing is shocking to me anymore because you can say I’ve been to hell and back. Even though it is very different from writing, it has become a reflex. Whatever the directions say I’ll do it. Why overachieve is you don't get anything for it? Some might argue you will learn more but I have to disagree because the thoughts are in my head already, I'm just putting it on paper.

In the past I thought peer reviews were not the best and at times it can hurt but I now know they are a learning experience. I really don’t take criticism well because I aim to please, but if it means that it can help me become better, I’m all for it. Online school is the first time I had to do peer reviews because I had it easy in high school. But college is about learning and learning will help me get a better job and a better job will get me more money. I like money so bring on the learning. Although people will respond different to my paper, every word is important to me because I strive for excellence.

Thanks your blog helped me out with my second paragraph. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thread like...

Hello everyone. I nearly missed the topic again for this week’s blog! Good thing I looked in my grade book! Well, these past 6 weeks has been mostly up with a few bumps. Work is always a bump in the road but I always get through it. I did have a vacation not too long ago and I had a blast! I believe in another post I put up this school week I talk about it more. School has been... well school. At first I thought my A & P class was very hard but you really just have to study. As for my comp II class the only problem I have had so far was my finial project. I'm hoping the professor likes my project because I put a lot of hours and sweat into it.

As for my project and my ideas it will give me a better idea of what I want to say in my project. It's great that we did it in week 6 and not in the last few weeks because I have a 7 page paper due for my other class. Depending on the feedback from the teacher this week will determine on what I will do later when researching my paper. If she doesn’t like it I might have to go to a book store like Barns and Nobel to find a book for my thesis. It was very hard for me to find information and I'm out of ideas even if I had to change it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Good and bad days

Hello my fellow readers. I got back from my vacation today and I must say I had a blast. I went dolphin watching, mini golfing, swimming, the list goes on. I however came down with a cold on the day I went down there and I was not all too happy. It was me and my girlfriend's one year anniversary and there are some things you just can't do when you’re sick. We both forgot sunscreen until it was too late and even though it hurt the both of us we fought through it and still had fun. We also both had a blast despite my sniffles.

For such a long time, ever since I was a kid, every time I went on vacation and went home I became “home sick". To me it's strange because people should be home sick when there away from their home, not away from their vacation. I think it's funny how someone doesn’t understand themselves because half the time I don't understand me. But the more I think about it home sick is really something or someone you miss right? I miss my vacation and even though it's been a few hours since I last seen her, I miss my girlfriend.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life is always better at the beach

Hello my fellow readers; this week will be one to remember. My vacation starts soon as I clock out of work Friday at 4pm EST and I can't wait! I will be going to an east coast beach called Wildwood. Not only will this be my vacation but it will mark the one year anniversary for me and my girlfriend. Both of us are looking forward to this for many reasons but the biggest is just to relax and spend time with each other. Both of our jobs and lives have been stressing us out and it shows, so this is a great time for a vacation.

As for school I will try to finish everything up by Friday. We leave Sunday morning but I do not want to deal with school while I am at the beach. I did my discussion post Tuesday and posted it today. Today I will do my blog, read, and take a quiz for a class. Tomorrow I will respond to a classmate and Friday as well. That is all the homework for this week thank god!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Drugs & more drugs, oh my!

Hello readers, I just got done watching a good comedy called “Youth in Revolt" and was it funny. It really was about a teenager boy who meets a girl while he's on vacation but she like bad boys I guess you could say. So the kid creates a bad side of him, and eventually wins her over. As for the title of this entry, you will just have to watch the movie to find out what I mean. Overall, I would give the movie 8 out of 10 stars.

With my drug free life (since I was born!) I am taking it day by day with work and school. Just as long as I stick to my schedule I have I should be fine. What I like to do is post my response to the discussion post on Wednesdays and reply to one classmates post on Thursday and Friday. Saturday I start to do any projects and Sunday I read what I have to for the week. Monday is test day for me and Tuesday is the day I make sure everything is handed in. So far it has worked well for me; although I should read on Wednesdays before seminar, but what I am doing now is working great for me.

Oh, and p.s. I found out that if you type in Microsoft word for spell and grammar check you can highlight the whole paragraph and you can drag it over to here!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Philadelphia story...

I just watched the movie Legion and although I did not like it; the movie had one line that I liked. " If you don't wake up tomorrow, if it turns out today is your last day on earth, would you be proud of what you have done in this life? Because if you ain't, then start getting squared". It's funny what a year can make. This time a year ago I was still unsure where my life would be going and my answer to that quote would have been a no. I'm with a wonderful women and I'm in school now, so it's a strong yes. I'm not proud of my job but the smart thing to do is keep the job I have because it will be hard to find another job that pays what I'm getting now. I often think that I should take a pay cut now and find a job that can get me ready for my career. Right now I work for Wal-Mart and I don't know of any jobs in the company that involves nutrition. I'm sure there are some though.

On another note most of Philadelphia is all flyered up. Two teams in the Stanley cup finials that has not won the cup in over 30 years. I despise city's that win all the time. Boston, LA, Pittsburgh and Chicago are city's that don't need anymore championships. Philadelphia is playing against the wonderful city of Chicago, a city that was once dominated by Michael Jordan in the 80's and 90's. Yeah sure the Phillies won the series in 2008 but a city that was in a 30, 35+ year drought of no professional championship needs another one! I do however feel sorry for the Cubs, they have not won the world series in over 90 years. So I hope they win sometime in my life just because I feel sorry for them.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


A few more weeks and I will be on vacation. I can't wait! I will be going to Wildwood ( an east cost beach) with my girlfriend for three nights. It will mark our 1 year together. Ah, how time goes by in a year; every moment with her I will cherish . June 13th is almost here and I'm not looking forward to doing school work that week, but it must be done. I wish I could forget about work and school because they stress me out the most, but 1 for 2 is not bad.

Work is a whole different story with stress, I'm glad I won't have to deal with them for a week. Life at Walmart is not fun; to my readers, boycott the store, don't shop there! It is a mutual feeling when customers hate employee's. They come in to shop with bad attitudes all the time and I wish I could say, stay the F-ck out of my store. But I don't because I need money. Listen, just because you shop in Walmart with your 40K+ a year money does not give you the right how to tell me how to do my -20K a year job. So for one week I will forget all this and hopefully I can day dream all week about the day I get a new job... hopefully something with nutrition!