Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thread like...

Hello everyone. I nearly missed the topic again for this week’s blog! Good thing I looked in my grade book! Well, these past 6 weeks has been mostly up with a few bumps. Work is always a bump in the road but I always get through it. I did have a vacation not too long ago and I had a blast! I believe in another post I put up this school week I talk about it more. School has been... well school. At first I thought my A & P class was very hard but you really just have to study. As for my comp II class the only problem I have had so far was my finial project. I'm hoping the professor likes my project because I put a lot of hours and sweat into it.

As for my project and my ideas it will give me a better idea of what I want to say in my project. It's great that we did it in week 6 and not in the last few weeks because I have a 7 page paper due for my other class. Depending on the feedback from the teacher this week will determine on what I will do later when researching my paper. If she doesn’t like it I might have to go to a book store like Barns and Nobel to find a book for my thesis. It was very hard for me to find information and I'm out of ideas even if I had to change it.

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