Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Life is always better at the beach

Hello my fellow readers; this week will be one to remember. My vacation starts soon as I clock out of work Friday at 4pm EST and I can't wait! I will be going to an east coast beach called Wildwood. Not only will this be my vacation but it will mark the one year anniversary for me and my girlfriend. Both of us are looking forward to this for many reasons but the biggest is just to relax and spend time with each other. Both of our jobs and lives have been stressing us out and it shows, so this is a great time for a vacation.

As for school I will try to finish everything up by Friday. We leave Sunday morning but I do not want to deal with school while I am at the beach. I did my discussion post Tuesday and posted it today. Today I will do my blog, read, and take a quiz for a class. Tomorrow I will respond to a classmate and Friday as well. That is all the homework for this week thank god!

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