Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jump for joy

Hello readers. When I got my essay back from my professor today I had plenty of " ah, ha" moments. She said I had to read my paper out before I submit it... or somewhere along those lines. She must be a mind reader because I don't read my paper out load. I think because I hate to write. Nothing is shocking to me anymore because you can say I’ve been to hell and back. Even though it is very different from writing, it has become a reflex. Whatever the directions say I’ll do it. Why overachieve is you don't get anything for it? Some might argue you will learn more but I have to disagree because the thoughts are in my head already, I'm just putting it on paper.

In the past I thought peer reviews were not the best and at times it can hurt but I now know they are a learning experience. I really don’t take criticism well because I aim to please, but if it means that it can help me become better, I’m all for it. Online school is the first time I had to do peer reviews because I had it easy in high school. But college is about learning and learning will help me get a better job and a better job will get me more money. I like money so bring on the learning. Although people will respond different to my paper, every word is important to me because I strive for excellence.

Thanks your blog helped me out with my second paragraph. :)

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