Friday, July 2, 2010

The Holy Knight

Hello readers.

Throughout this process I have never had any issues; I take one day at a time to prevent this from happening. I honestly don’t mind the lack of comments. I have a facebook and twitter and I don’t get comments from my posts that often so I really don’t mind. It would be great if I did though because I do live alone so comments would keep me at least a little busier. I might continue to use my blog after I’m done with this class. I like to keep in touch with my professors and classmates.

On another note, this weather in Philadelphia is crazy! One week it’s in the late 90’s now it’s in the mid-early 80’s. Next week will be another heat wave. When I am done all my homework for the day I get so bored at home. I do play my ps3 a bit but that can only help me for so long. Before school I played a game called World of Warcraft for hours, and some days I played it all day. I do miss it sometimes. Being a holy knight (paladin) with his trusty steed and creating havoc in the Horde cities was so much fun. I guess we all have to grow out of things sometimes in our lives in order to make them better.

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