Sunday, July 18, 2010

The dull knife and a ton of blood

Hello readers. The first thing I would tell someone writing not just a scientific paper but any type of paper for school is to start it early and read it out loud many times. Even though I started mine early and used all the resources that were available to me, I still got hammered. I'm surprised my A & P paper did better! In these 10 weeks, I think my cite/ reference skills strengthened the most. I think I finally got the hang of it. I do think I still need to work on my wording. The big problem is that my vocabulary is not where it should be due to my lack of reading.

I really don't have any finial thoughts. I do wish my grade was a bit higher but I will take it as another learning experience. I did have fun in this class, from start to week nine! Week 10, not so much because of the grade. I take all of it in stride though, what else can I do? Although this is my last post for school I do plan to update my blog every now and then. Like I said, once a week. As for the title of this post… I have no idea myself lol.

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